Get the website your business deserves

Get A Successful Website Course

A 7 week online course that walks you through everything you need to get a website that generates engagement and delight from your visitors and sales and leads for you.

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What You Will Learn

Step 1

The Website Journey

What is a website anyway?

Learn about how a website is structured and how this structure effects the success of your business.

The two types of funnels you need to succeed.

Learn about the two funnels that work together to create a website that leads visitors to customers.

Step 2

Customer & Value Discovery

The 3 Needs of your visitors.

Learn the 3 types of needs your visitors have and why they are so important to your online business.

How do I discover my customer's needs?

Learn easy-to-use, simple methods that you can start using immediately to discover what needs your potential customers have so you can apply them to your website.

Step 3

Your Website Map

Let's start planning!

Using the funnels you learned in Step 1 and the customer knowledge discovered in Step 2, you will start mapping out your website success plan and learn about a helpful tool.

Get inspired using an online tool.

Learn how to use a suggested online tool to take a deep look into your competitors websites and pull insights from them to use in your own website.

Step 4

Your Website Success System

Get a website that talks!

Learn about "signals" that you can "listen" to and understand if essential parts of your website are working or not working to generate business.

Plan out your success.

Future proof your website by learning how to plan out your website with your signals so you always know what website page should be "talking" to you and what it should be saying.

Step 5

Getting Your Website

How do I shop for a website?

Learn what you need to know and ask when deciding where or who you should get a website from and what essential questions you need to ask to ensure you get the most for your investment.

Your Online Business Brief.

Get your own, exclusive, online business brief that you can use to send out to designers or use with companies to communicate what you need in your website and evaluate if they can deliver.

Step 6

Measuring Your Website Performance

Metrics you can understand & use.

Learn how to setup and use Google's free tools to inform you about your website performance without overwhelming you.

Observe your website visitors.

Learn about an online tool where you can watch your visitors on your website and understand what they are doing (or not doing) and why.

Step 7

Your Working & Converting Website

Future-proof your website.

Learn how to take what you are learning from your website visitors and easily, without code, conduct website experiments in order to continue improving your website.

A test audience just for you.

Learn about an online tool where you can test your website with real people to get feedback and ensure your website is optimized to bring in sales and leads.

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Get a Successful Website Course

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Common Questions

I already have a website. What's in it for me?
This course teaches strategy which can be implemented in both new and existing websites. You can use the techniques you learn in the course to generate more sales and leads from your existing website.
How long do I have access to the course?
Short answer - forever! You can access your  purchased course version as much and for as long as you like. If a new version of the course comes out, you will have the opportunity to purchase the new version at a discount for existing students.
Do I need to know graphic design or code?
You do NOT need to know how to design or code to take the course. The course teaches you how to develop a strategy that you can use no matter what path you take to redesign or get a new website.
What if I am unhappy with the course. Can I get my money back?
If, within the first two steps of the course, you are unhappy with your purchase, you will get a full refund. After that, there are generally no refunds. However, if you feel you are not happy at anytime while taking the course, please email me at and let's talk about it.