Your Homepage Headline Has One Job - Solve Their Problem.

Your headline starts the conversation with your visitors. It needs to start that conversation by enticing visitors to stay. Let's explore how to start that conversation the right way.
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Your headline has one job.

Solve their problem.

Sure, your product may contain all natural ingredients. Yes, it's lovely that over 100 companies have used your service. These things don't tell the reader that it solves their problem. These are not "need to know" things. They are "nice to know" things. They will not make them think, "This is what I am looking for." It's not going to make them say, "Shut up, and take my money."

To solve their problem, you have to know what their problem is. You need to ask, not guess. You need to know what their problem is so you can understand what they are hoping to achieve. What the desired outcome of solving this problem is. That outcome is the headline that will draw the attention you want. It's the headline that will keep people on your website.

How to create a headline that does its job:

Don't look at big corporations that you admire for examples. If you hear the word, Nike, do you see the swoosh logo? How about the word, Maybelline? Do you think makeup? These companies spend millions on marketing and brand awareness.

Instead, look at your headline without any design. Write it down on a piece of paper and look at it. Does it provide the answer to their problem?

Let's take a look at some examples from other small business websites. Can you tell what the product or service is and what problem it solves?

headline on

Believe it or not, this is for a children's clothing store.


How about this one?

headline on

Leif also sells jewelry, art and paper goods. Even more interesting, in their about section, they state:

"We find special, lesser-known gems and yet-to-be-discovered makers. We look past the things featured elsewhere to create a well-edited selection that's original and accessible."

Do you think their headline informs visitors looking for unique items that they found the right website?


Now let's take a look at these examples. Can you tell what the product or service is and what problem it solves?


headline for

Perfect coffee with just the touch of a button. Not complicated, easy to do and makes great coffee Got it.


Here's another.

headline on

Running shoes for people who care about sustainability. Got it.


As with everything, there are some exceptions to the rule. For example, take a look at this homepage from M F M G.

headline on

This is a lead generating headline. It creates curiosity and invites the visitor to interact by taking the quiz. Something of quality to offer, such as a fun quiz or a free tool can also be used effectively on the homepage.

When it comes to a standalone headline, remember that your headline starts the conversation with your visitors. Start it by informing them you understand their problem and have the solution. Your visitors will thank you for it by giving you a lower bounce rate, a higher session duration, and even more sales.

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