Templeton Prize

The foundation's goals were centered around its recipients but the website had to communicate to multiple users. UX research and strategy plays a key part in discovering who these users are and how to measure if the website was doing its job.

The Templeton team understood their mission and believed strongly in it. To give users the best experience, we had to understand them first. Who are the Prize’s users? Why do they come to the website? These and other foundational questions framed the approach to creating a strategic, user-centric web design that effectively communicates the Prize’s mission and vision.

To accomplish this, we walked through all the user types that would be visiting the website, and how the website could offer value to each segment.

Each segment was then broken down and explored further by using a business model canvas to discover the pains and gains of each audience segment and what type of website components could create the gains as well as ease the pains.

The pains and gains were refined into goals for each segment. Each goal was given signals or actions that each segment would take to indicate they were achieving that goal. Metrics were assigned to each signal in order to be measured. This data could then be measured and compared to understand the performance of the website.

With the audience segments clear defined and their goals understood we were able to inform designers and design a website that not only was informative but offered interactions and activities that allowed each segment to complete their goals in ways that could be tracked and measured by the foundation to ensure success for everyone.

Some nice things said about me...

I have had the great pleasure of both managing Laurel and working along side her as a designer, and she is a dream in both scenarios.
In no particular order if Laurel was a box of cereal and you turned her around to read her label it would list ingredients like: natural leader, presentation ready, client facing salts, highly concentrated gumption, liquid awesome, craft dedication, and organically grown badassery.
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