Silvercrest Asset Management Group

Using the latest UX techniques to demonstrate a company's twenty years of expertise, strong values and leadership in wealth management.

Silvercrest specializes wealth management for select clientele. The company is rich with expertise, and has a twenty year reputation that has been fine-tuned through leadership, management and industry respect. They needed a new website that reflected their reputation and attracted the right audience while demonstrating the experienced skillset of the team members. They had multiple types of services, depending on the type of wealth management needed. Along with these services, the company also had a quarterly publication that was filled with information for both current and perspective clients.

The website goals were to:

◉ Inform the different client types of service offered

◉ Demonstrate the expertise of the team

◉ House the quarterly publication

◉ Reflect the reputation and company personality

To begin, I had stakeholders breakdown each audience by filling in what the first thing each audience type wants to do, what the last thing is they would like to do and what is needed in order to get the audience to move from the first step to the last. Finally, I had them include what action they believe the audience type would take if they accomplished everything they set out to do on the website.

This exercise helped us understand the multiple audiences. It also helped the client team start thinking about their website audience. This assists with adjusting thinking from what stakeholders would want on their website to what they believe their intended audience would want on the website and how including those needs can achieve business goals.

Using the information from the exercise, I then created a sitemap of the website, focusing on the main sections of client type information and the online quarterly magazine.

From there, wireframes were drawn out with the Creative Director to create the structure of the pages and any interactions within.

The designers then took the wireframes and did an amazing job using imagery and color to create a website that used the latest technology to reflect a company of heritage, reputation and experience.

Some nice things said about me...

I have had the great pleasure of both managing Laurel and working along side her as a designer, and she is a dream in both scenarios.
In no particular order if Laurel was a box of cereal and you turned her around to read her label it would list ingredients like: natural leader, presentation ready, client facing salts, highly concentrated gumption, liquid awesome, craft dedication, and organically grown badassery.
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