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The business goals were clear. What wasn't clear was why customers were not finishing the sign up process. A new design and a new perspective helped both the user and the business.

The Petplan website was well designed with bright colors, lots of whitespace, and easy to read fonts. It was clear that a lot of time and effort was spent designing the website to attract customers and generate business. What wasn't very clear was why the website was not generating new customers. The team set out to discover why but the only thing they could tell from their analytics was that their website visitors were not finishing the signup. My job for this project was to understand why and make recommendations on how to increase conversions and pull in more customers.

Analytics were telling me what people were doing on the website, but I needed to know the why. I conducted task based user interviews in order to observe real people filling out the form and to discover where along that path they were experiencing frustration.

Watch an actual user interview.

After only a few user interviews, patterns started to emerge with users and where in the journey they were experiencing issues and frustration. I held a viewing party meeting with the Petplan team so they could learn what user frustrations the form was producing. They discussed as they watched and I listened, noting the team's frustration in return. They had business goals and objectives and the videos were demonstrating the push and pull of business needs and user needs.

With information from both users and the business team, I was able to come up with a list of recommendations and met with BG's team of designers to discuss and brainstorm ways a new design could offer solutions.

Some recommendations included changes that assisted physiologically to not only create delight but assisted in persuading the user to finish the form. An example is having the user upload a picture of their pet.

◉ Uploading the photo was an easy way to trigger action and get the user to start filling out information.

◉ The photo also served as a visual reminder of why they were on the website and helped justify the cost of the pet insurance.

Other changes, such as different layouts, allowed the users to identify benefits that applied to the price points. Once again, allowing the user to focus on the positives of the purchase more than just the cost itself.

Step 2, option 1 of the form

Step 2, option 2 of the form

The design team created multiple versions of the signup form with the different layouts. We then A/B tested to discover which versions were better at converting. The data was then handed over to the Petplan team to view and make informed decisions.

Some nice things said about me...

I have had the great pleasure of both managing Laurel and working along side her as a designer, and she is a dream in both scenarios.
In no particular order if Laurel was a box of cereal and you turned her around to read her label it would list ingredients like: natural leader, presentation ready, client facing salts, highly concentrated gumption, liquid awesome, craft dedication, and organically grown badassery.
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