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Website Exploration

A deep dive into your website and your competitor's to see what's working and what can be improved for better performance.
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Performance Review
You will receive a detailed analysis covering up to 100 website data points such as metadata, mobile performance, page speed and more.
Website Audit
Watch a real-time video review of your website and discover what opportunities for more engagement and conversions are within your existing website.
Competitor Website Audit
Watch a real-time video review of your competitor's website to understand what is working with their website, what isn't working, and what you can do better.

Business Discovery

Discover what the "secret sauce" of your business is and how use it to set your website and apart from the competition.
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Audience Exploration
Go beyond demographics and find out exactly what your visitors are looking for, why they are seeking out websites like yours and what they hope to find.
Value Proposition Discovery
Discover and craft your own Value Proposition - a singular statement that sums up why your business is amazing.
Unique Selling Proposition Discovery
Generate your Unique Selling Proposition - the reason why your business is the solution your visitors are looking for.
Proposition Validation
Test out your Propositions using a "no muss, no fuss" method on real people and learn exactly what your website should be saying to get visitors to stay, interact, and buy.

Business Planning

Build a complete, laid out plan of your website. This shareable plan can be used to communicate with designers in order to understand exactly what your website needs and how much it will cost.
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Sitemap Creation
No more guessing how many pages your website needs. Your sitemap will inform you and others such as website designers and developers.
User Journey & Sales Funnel
Start getting the engagement and conversions your business deserves by mapping out the path to sales and leads.
Content & Asset Creation
No more trying to jam or shrink content to fit a pre-made template. Know before you redesign what content is needed and how much is need.
Online Business Brief Creation
A professional, business brief that can be used for yourself, your team, and when hiring professionals. This sharable document will contain everything you need to effectively communicate what your business is, what your website needs, and to negotiate cost of services effectively.

Business Goals

Understand how your website is performing, exactly what page needs adjusting, and how to continue making your website better and better.
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Goal Exploration & Creation
Create goals that can be easily measured and talked about without using a bar chart or spreadsheet.
Goals, Signals & Metrics Breakdown
Learn what to look for to see if your goals are being achieved and the metrics needed to measure them.
TAO of Google Setup
Get Google Tag Manager, Analytics and Optimize set up and working for your business goals.
Metrics Dashboard & Other Tools
See how your website is doing at a glance and get insights on its performance.
Website Improvement Methods & Techniques
Discover and use tools and techniques that will allow you to easily make tiny,
little changes to your website that will make a big difference for your business.

Common Questions

Website Design is not included in the full package?
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No, What you will get is all the information you need to create your own website or to have educated conversations with designers to ensure you get the website you need without all the unexpected design costs.
I already know my audience, why would I pay to "explore" them more?
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Maybe you do, but in my 10+ years experience 95% of business owners who think they know their audience can go deeper and discover insights about their target market they didn't know before working with me. The best way to find out is to start a conversation.
I don't want to purchase a whole package. Can I just buy an individual service?
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Yes. Reach out and tell me which service you would like.
Do you have a guarantee? What if I am unhappy with the service?
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I can not "guarantee" results because they depend on how much you are willing to put into this. I do want you to be happy and I will give a proportionate refund if you are not satisfied during the service.
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