My Mission:

“To do all I can to ensure you get the website that your business deserves.”

- Laurel Walker-Natale
Laurel holding a sign that says website equals informative & engaging & enticing

Q & A with Laurel

Do you have any real experience at this?
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Yes. Lots, actually. I've been doing this for over 10 years and have worked with companies such as Comcast, IKEA, Western Union Speed-Pay and Charles Tyrwhitt.
Why should I hire you?
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If you are tired of trying to guess why your website isn't working, you should hire me. If you are overwhelmed by your website and don't even know where to start, you should hire me. If you are thinking of getting your website redesigned but are afraid of the unknown cost, you should hire me.
What else can you tell me about you?
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I live in Florida now but I grew up in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. You will hear my accent occasionally slip out in my videos and in video calls. I was living in Southern New Jersey when my family opened up a website design company called InterStat in 1997. It was there that I got my very first job as a website designer. I quickly discovered my love for the Internet and I have been working at making better websites ever since.
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