Website Audit
Detailed video website walkthrough
Overview & summary of audit
Website Improvement Checklist
Tools to use for improvements
Limited Time Price!

What's included:

Real Time Help
Watch a walkthrough of your website being reviewed in real time. See opportunities uncovered within your site.
Planned for Action
Get a summary of the audit along with a checklist of action items so you know exactly what to do next.
Personalized for You
No generic answers here. Your specific questions and concerns are addressed and discussed during the website audit.
Tools You Can Really Use
Learn about online tools you can use to start making homepage improvements and a better website overall,

"She provided exceptional brand awareness, demonstrating that she truly understood my target market..."

"It’s great to get external feedback and Laurel’s feedback was direct, very thorough, and all of it made complete sense. It’s now no longer a mystery why sales haven’t reached the point we had hoped."

Doug Fisher,

"I would not have been able to make the improvements to my website so quickly and efficiently without her expert strategic and tactical help. Thanks so much Laurel!"

Caren Chen,

"Her suggestions were specific and actionable...Laurel delivered a lot of value in a concise and easily digestible manner."

Cate Callaway,

Order now & get some website answers.

Owner of
"She is clearly an expert and her audit made me excited to get to work!"
Heather Kraft,
Website Audit
Get a real time video walkthrough of your website and learn possible opportunities to improve your website performance, engagement, and conversions!
You will get:
  • 1 Real Time Video Walkthrough
  • List of Improvement Recommendations
  • List of Tools & Resources
  • 48 hour window after delivery to ask questions about audit results.
Questions, ... meet Answers.


When will I receive my video audit?
The average delivery time is 2 business days. You will receive an email letting you know when you can expect your audit.
How will I receive the video?
You will be given a private link to your video that you can use to refer back to as much as you like.
What if I have questions after?
After your audit is sent you have 48 hours of email support for any questions you may have.
Screenshot of a website audit video
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