👋 Hi, I'm Laurel.

I love long pauses and walks through a sales funnel.

I am highly empathic and a great listener. I'm not just good at my job, I'm passionate about it. I believe that user experience and business goals go hand-in-hand. In fact, I often apply business frameworks to my research methods. I have also been known to use unconventional methods to acquire unique insights and user perspectives. (Ask me about that time I conducted research for Rovr Products!)

Am I a UX researcher, a strategist, a designer or a writer? The answer is - It depends.

I can write the recruiting email, conduct the interviews, create the report, use it to construct the goals, signals and metrics by audience segment and then set up those metrics in a dashboard as a baseline for UX benchmarking by quarter to review and compare with Marketing and Finance.

I can also take the insights and work with Design to create wireframes.

I don't do pixel perfect. I focus on the content that speaks to the user and engages them. I leave the pixel perfect up to the designers and let them shine at what they do best.

This is the part you can copy and paste to email your colleagues.

I am responsible for understanding the needs of the user and translating those needs into product requirements. This includes conducting research, synthesizing findings, and presenting them to the team. I am also responsible for designing and running usability tests, and analyzing the results.


  • Conduct research to understand user needs
  • Design and run usability tests
  • Analyze results
  • Present findings to team
  • Translate user needs into product requirements
  • Work with design team to create prototypes
  • Work with engineering team to implement changes based on research findings
  • Work with marketing team to develop messaging based on research findings
  • Work with sales team to develop sales tools based on research findings

Some nice things said about me...

I have had the great pleasure of both managing Laurel and working along side her as a designer, and she is a dream in both scenarios.
In no particular order if Laurel was a box of cereal and you turned her around to read her label it would list ingredients like: natural leader, presentation ready, client facing salts, highly concentrated gumption, liquid awesome, craft dedication, and organically grown badassery.
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